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August 2, 2015 / 14 comments

Welcome awesome blog readers of teacher land!!!

Today I'm participating in Ashley and Angie's #2getherwearebetter linky party!!   AHHHHH!!

The topic this month is:

So, let me confess something to you. I'm horrible with artsy stuff.  However my whole life, my heart has been bursting with craftiness! I've dabbled in sticker books, drawing books, paintings, scrapbooks, photography, hat weaving, knitting, stamping, and my favorite: paint by number!  I'll admit though, I don't excel in any of those.  Some of us just aren't the most artsy.  So keep that in mind before you judge my bulletin boards! *wink* 

First, I'll show you some before and after pictures.  I redid 3 bulletin boards in my classroom.  I kind of forgot what hard work it was! :)

Board 1:  My Usual Writing Board.  
 Last year, as you can see, it was a hot mess.  There was a little bit of everything there!   This year, I'm using the board as a welcome to class board.  Students will come in and take their name plates and read a little note from me before sitting down to class.  I will eventually turn it into a cool word wall. 

Up close!  Notice the bows?  I have a fun story about them below!

    I added buttons to the bows from my grandma's sewing box.  She died 14 years ago from brain cancer, and she still has a special place in my heart.  She was my favorite person, and I'm so happy she can be a part of my classroom now too!

Board 2: Daily Annoying Stuff I Usually Lose Board

   I need a board that's dedicated to extra papers that I will lose if left on my own.  Last year, I just stuck extra copies of school work in them.  This year, I'm trying to make it more functional.  You can't tell, but there are black construction paper pockets behind each sign.

    I got this idea from a young teacher who kept having to refer highschool kids to the office.  She ended up sticking all the referral forms in a construction paper pocket.  She also had pockets for bandaids, hall passes, directions, and anything else she hated repeating herself over.  I kind of stole the idea because I walk around the classroom all day and as a result I'm always walking around with a random stack of papers in my hand.  This system really keeps me organized as I can just throw extra papers into the right pocket and keep moving. (I ran out of polka dot washi tape, but I plan on going back over the borders when I get some more!).

Board 3: Student Work Board

   I am HUGE fan of displaying student work.  There is rarely empty wall space in my classroom as I try to fill every crevice with work collages.  I keep the *best* work of the week by my desk and I try to refer to it often while I teach.  Any kid who gets a 100% on a test or quiz or project gets hung up on my board.  I also pick work that's over and beyond the call of duty or work that is extremely complete and neat.  Kids LOVE being on display.  I grade so much work, that I indicate board worthiness by adding a smiley face, and I really try to make sure everyone gets a smiley face at least once a month.  Every week, kids are scouring through their graded work for that smiley face.  It always surprises me that even the toughest *I don't care about anything* kids want to be on the board. 

      I'm quite fond of the new board, and I'm thinking about having an essay contest or something every week where I choose 6 winners.. and then maybe displaying my favorite student work of the week in the hallway!  I don't know yet, but I LOVE these new neon light letters, they were just what I was looking for!  Thank you teacher store! :)

  Thanks for hopping over to check out my bulletin boards. They aren't perfect, but as you can tell, they are a big impovement for this non artsy whimsical teacher.  :)  Take care friends, and thanks for reading the:


  1. Hey!!! I L-O-V-E your color scheme and the look of your bulletin boards :) I really like how the bright ideas you have the light bulb border, super cute!!!! Wishing you a fantastic school year :)

    Momma with a Teaching Mission

    1. Thank you so much Melanie! I struggle with picking a color theme because I like ALL the colors. Last year it looked like a rainbow threw up on my classroom. Not very relaxing. heh!

  2. I love the Daily Annoying Stuff I Lose board. I SO need one. We have a bin for that right now, but I'm rethinking it. We don't start class for another month so I have lots of time to compile all these great ideas and make them work in my space. Thanks for sharing!
    ~A from the Brain Ninjas
    Brain Ninja Notes

    1. I lose a lot of stuff... like I'm more of a mad science teacher who doesn't like teaching science type.. who's always scrambling for something I've lost. I've found if I don't hang it on a wall, my desk will eat whatever I put on it.

  3. First of all, I feel ya! I LOVE artsy cute stuff, but no matter how much I try I CAN NOT do it!! That being said, I think your boards look awesome. The bows are so sweet and meaningful. I love that you can have your grandmother in your classroom with you. Great post!

    The Cutesy Teacher

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bonnie! I've tried to be really cutesy, but I can never stay up on it. Like I said in a comment earlier, it usually looks like a rainbow made of construction paper threw up all over my room. I'm going to try to stick to aqua, teal, black, white and yellow this year..in an attempt to cut out clutter and make things look prettier. :)

  4. I love the new boards! Great colours! I am also in love with that lightbulb border. I'm going to use it for my student improvers board if I can find it in store!

    1. Thank you Laurie. I believe I bought mine on reallygoodstuff.com. I think they also have it at teacher created resources! Good luck with your boards!

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  6. I love the colors on your new boards!! Your new boards all have a cohesive and clean look!

    Allison Yeager
    Texan Teach

  7. Love the bulletin board makeovers! The button touch is just perfect! As for the thumbtacks on my blog post, I just used some hot glue to stick them on. It is super easy! Have a great year!

  8. I love your grandma and her buttons story. Super special! Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Peyerk's Porcupine Pals

  9. I love your boards. I love the pocket folders for the no names and early finishers. I might just steal this idea as I have a lot of both of those.


  10. Your bulletin boards are beautiful!!!


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